Precision sowing machine STV-12 "Polesie"

The precision-sowing machine with pneumatic vacuum type devices is intended for sowing sugar and fodder beets with coated, calibrated and usual seeds.

By the consumer's order the machine can be equipped with implements for sowing other crops: maize, sunflower, soya, sorghum, peas, rape etc.

In contrast to mechanical sowing machines, sowing machine STV-12 "Polesie" is free from seed damaging, which helps better growing of seeds and better yields.

The convenient and precise adjustment of the "twins" release mechanism of the seed grid type makes possible to ensure smooth separation of "twins" without losses.

100% release of seeds into the boot chute is provided by the double operation of the seeds release mechanism: the vacuum cutter and the mechanical release mechanism.

The intermediate wheel behind the boot presses the seeds down in the bottom of the furrow, thus ensuring better contact with soil, as well as better conditions for growing.

The closing wheel with normal pressure types of the variable profile covers the seeds with soil by pressing it at the sides of the furrow and leaving it loose under the seeds, thus providing their better germination and preventing crust formation over the seeds.


Rated output (hectares per hour) at speed 5 km/h


Coverage, m

5,4 (12 rows with inter-row spacing of 45 cm)

Possible setting of inter-row spacing, cm

45, 50, 60, 70, 90

Sowing range, pcs/m  
for beet

5,1 14,9

for other crops

2,6 29,8

Depth of seeds laying, mm


Aggregated with tractors

MTZ-80/82, -70