Special container- trailer PSE-F-12,5B

The container-trailer is integrated with tractors having the hydraulic system working pressure of up to 22 MPa (220-kgf/cm. cubic). it is manufactured in two modifications:

— With basic and detachable boards; — with basic boards and without detachable boards. Availability of detachable boards (attachable boards, roof, rear flapper, additional hydraulic equipment) makes possible use of the container-trailer in three versions: — for transporting shredded mass from forage harvesters and mover shredders (total mass is 4,2 tonnes, total bulk— 17 cubic meters);

For transporting agricultural toads with density of 0,3-0,8 tonnes per cubic meter (weight of the transported mass— 4,2 tonnes, total bulk — 12,5 cubic meters);

For transporting toads with density of 0,8 tonnes per cubic meter and more (total weight — 4,5 tonnes, total bulk—up to 5 cubic meters).

Large volume of the body makes possible tower cost of transportation of chopped fodder and other lightweight toads.

The container-trailer can be used in the train, comprising several trailers.

The container-trailer with basic boards and without detachable boards is unloaded on three sides; the container-trailer with basic boards and with detachable boards unloaded backwards. A chromium- patted hydraulic cylinder lifts the platform to a big height (rear flapper opens automatically); this guarantees complete unloading of the trailer.

All operations are controlled from the tractor's cab. Rotating breaking shields exclude toss of the mass during loading. The front attachable mashy board makes possible control of loading level. Board seats exclude crop toss during transportation.

The turntable provides steadiness of rectilinear motion and is equipped with a stopper, which makes maneuvering of the tractor train easier during backward run.

The pneumatic brake drive for all with ensures automatic braking even in case of the trailer disconnecting from the tractor.

The parking brake holds the trailer on slopes up to 12°. The trailer can be equipped with a special drawbar hinge, as wet) as headlights and cat's eyes.


Load capacity, t


Total weight, t, max


Maximum boby capacity, cubic meters


Travel speed, km/h  
- Loaded


- Unloaded Up to