Mounted rotating mower-conditioner "Polesie 1500"

Mower-conditioner "Polesie-1500" is an indispensable machine for small sites. It is recommended for providing fodder to farms having up to 200 heads of cattle.

It is intended for harvesting grass and maize up to 1.2m high with chopping and loading into transporter-wagons. It can also be used for cutting potato haulm. The unit is mounted on MTZ-80/82 tractor type. The mower is equipped with automatic hatch and has an ejection accelerator, which provides crushing of the vegetable mass and high speed of its transportation, thus helping better packing down of the mass in the loader-wagon; as a result, the number or transport means for the chopped mass is reduced.

The mower's rotor has L-shaped cutters; this type causes minimum damage to the roots of plants. It helps increase crop yield of the next and subsequent cuttings and reduce contamination of the chopped mass with soil.

The hinged connection of cutters lowers probability of damages due to stones and other objects. The turning spout provides optimum loading of transporter-wagons.


Integrated with

1,4 CL. tractors

Tractor PTO shaft speed, rpm


Take-off power, kW (h. p.)

40 (55)

Capacity, kg/s5  
Width, m


Cutting length, mm

up to 200

Weight, kg