Semi-mounted forage harvester "Polesie"

The harvester is intended for harvesting of grass and rough-stemmed crops, including wax ripened corn, for picking up of dried grass swaths with simultaneous conditioning and loading into special container-trailer. The use of the harvester is most efficient on small plots with complex configuration for farms with less than 500 heads of cattle; in case of green-mass feeding - for farms with up to 1000 heads of cattle.

The harvester is integrated with tractors of 80 to 100 hp of the following design modifications:

- side mounting (with tractors of the MTZ-80/82 type);

- front mounting (with reverse-drive tractors MTZ-80V, MTZ-102 type).

The harvester is equipped with a disc-type chopper, metal detector; it has high maneuverability and provides high quality of leaf-and-stem mass chopping and grain grinding. Being integrated with reverse-drive tractors it can be used for non-shuttle hay harvesting.

The reel-type header makes possible maize harvesting of any method of sowing and any stem height; excludes loss of corn-cobs.

The semi-mounted scheme of the harvester makes it possible to reduce weight and overall dimensions, achieve minimum dimensions at transportation, provides rational position or the operator at work.


Achieved capacity, kg/s:  
- grass cutting


- picking up


- maize harvesting for silage


- maize harvesting with wax ripened maize grains


Coverage of implements, m:  
- grass mover


- reel-type header for rough-stemmed crops


- pick-up