KSK-100A harvester and its modifications are intended for cutting grass and picking-up grass from swaths, as well as harvesting maize with simultaneous chopping and loading the mass into transporter wagon. The harvesters are equipped with the following implements: grass mower, corn header, pick-up. KSK-100A-B and KSK-100A-B-2 harvesters are equipped with reel-type corn header, which makes possible: - harvesting stems with no height limit, thus avoid for practically no loss of corn-cobs; - better chopping of stems and cobs;

- reduced noise lever, improved reliability, fewer lubrication points; - reduced labor outlays for maintenance; - disuse of chain conveyor, chain and belt transmissions;

The hydrostatic drive of the running gear provides: simpler harvester kinematics; stepless adjustment of travel speed; easy run reversing.

The chopper reel with thin cutters, removable support of the cutter-bar, location of the drive axle above the frame increase repairability of the harvester.

The longer spout with double cap reduces losses at loading of the chopped mass, helps better fill up the transporter wagon. Installation of the maize seeds grinder helps improve the fodder quality.


KSK-100A, KSK-100A-B KSK-100A-2, KSK-100A-B-2
SMD-72 D-260.4
Engine type 4-stroke, Diesel, water cooled, turbo with intermediate cooling of the supercharged air
Engine power, kW (hp)

147 (200)

Average fuel consumption. G/kWh (g/hph)

228(168) - 221 (162)

Number and layout of cylinders

6-V-type 6-row

Overall capacity, kg/s  
- green grass


- slightly dried grass


- maize for silage


Estimated ajustable cutting length, mm


Working speed, km/h

Up to 12

Transportation speed, km/h

Up to 20

Coverage of the detachable implements, m:  
- reel-type header for rough-stemmed crops harvesting


- header for rough-stemmed crops harvesting


- grass mower


- pick-up