Forage harvester K-G-6 "Polesie"

The harvester is intended for harvesting grass and fodder crops, including wax-ripened maize, for picking-up mass from swaths with simultaneous crushing and loading into a transporter wagon. It is recommended for sup-plying fodder to farms having over 1000 heads of cattle.

- multi-functional power vehicle UES-250 "Polesie" (with single drive axle) or heavy duty UES-2-280/250 (with two drive axles);

- semi-mounted forage harvester "Polesie-3000" assembled with power vehicle and a set of implements: rotating header for maize and other rough stemmed crops harvesting, grass mower and pick-up.

The multi-functional power vehicle is equipped with a Diesel engine of 250 (280) h. p. and hydraulic drive of the running gear providing stepless adjustment of travel speed. It is supplied with front and rear linkage moating units and power take-off shafts.

The all-purpose rear mounted unit with fast lower arms gripping allows easy linkage of a machine of up to 3.6 tons by one person only. Simultaneous use of coupled front and rear linkage mountings makes possible linkage of building block units from both sides of power vehicle, thus reducing the number of field runs.

The power vehicle can run both in forward and reverse direction making use of re-verse control post. Apart from operating as a complete set with the forage harvester, the power vehicle can be used with a complex of machines for general purpose agricultural work, and the UES-2-280/250 unit ensuring cross-country capability in practically any soil and environmental conditions, is also used in assembly with a sugar beet harvester.

The semi-mounted harvester "Polesie-3000" is equipped with a crushing device of radial-disk type providing high quality chop-ping of leaf-and-stem mass and grinding of maize grains.

The harvester is supplied with a rotating header and can harvest maize of any height and crop capacity, disregarding patterns and methods of sowing.

Reciting devices which can be easily removed, provide final grinding of maize drains.

Metal detector makes possible protection of the grinding unit against metal objects and prevents damage.

The quality of leaf-and-stem mass grinding (particles of up to 10 mm) and final grinding of wax ripened maize grains (particles smaller than 5 mm) ensures weight increases of the cattle up to 200 grams daily and milk yield in-creases up to 2 liters.

The use of multi-functional power vehicle UES-250 and UES-2-280/250 included in the complete set of forage harvesters K-G-6 "Polesie" by farms makes it possible to ensure effective laying in hay (with mounted broad-coverage wind rower KPR-6) and sugar-beet harvesting (with mounted sugar-beet harvester KSN-6) without attraction of other power vehicle.


Engine power, h. p.


Maximum power, in % to the engine power at:  
- front power take-off shaft

up to 40

- rear power take-off shaft

up to 100

Load-lifting capacity of all-purpose linkage mounting systems, kN:  
- front


- rear


Achieved capacity, kg/s:  
- grass cutting


- picking up


- maize harvesting

up to 26 up to 28

- wax ripened maize harvesting with grain grinding

13- 14

Wax ripened maize grinding, %


Coverage of mounted implements, m:  
- rotating header for rough-stemmed crops


- grass mower


- pick-up