Engined forage harvester KSK-100A and its modifications KSK-100A-2, KSK100-A-B,KSK-100A-B-2
Pull - type forage harvester KDP-3000"Polesie"
Semi- mounted forage harvester "Polesie-1400"
Beet harvesting complex "Polesie"
Precision sowing machine STV-12"Polesie"
Mounted rotating mower- conditioner "Polesie-1500"
Broad coverage windrower KPR-6 (rotary mower- conditioner)
Pull- type mower- conditioner KPP-4,2
Mounted ploughs PLN-2-30 and PLN-3-30 (two- or three- furrow)
Special container- trailer PSE-F-12,5B
Forest- planting machine with automatic supply of seedlings MLA-1A"Ilana" (modernized)
 Mini- tractor AMGK-8