Beet harvesting complex "Polesie"

The complex comprises a mounted six-row sugar beet harvester KSN-6 and a beetroot pickup-loader PPK-6.

The sugar beet harvester KSN-6 is aggregated with multi- functional power vehicle UES-250 (two-wheel drive), UES-2-250 (four- wheel drive) as well as with tractors LTZ-155, MTZ-142 and KhTZ-121 with reversive control posts. The harvester performs the following operations in one passage: it cuts off the haulm of the standing roots and uniformly spreads it on the harvested area as an organic fertilizer or loags it on a transporting wagon for cattle feeding as well as for storage; it cleans them from soil and lays roots in a swath between the wheels of the power vehicle.

The beetroot pickup- loader PPK-6 is aggregated with tractors of 1,4 t/f type (MTZ- 80/82 ets.). It picks up roots from swaths, cleans and loads them.

Two drive axles UES-2-250 makes possible harvesting sugar beet from fields with high soil humidity under unfavourable weather conditions.

The machines are equipped with working implements which are extremely efficient in operation: in KSN- 6 it is a rotating haulm cutter and root cleaners with elastic elements, a doubling root-head conditioner; vibrating pick-ups with self-adjustment along the rows; in PPK-6 pickup-loader -cleaning conveyors and a rotating root cleaner.

Simple adjustments provide rapid setting of the machine for operation in various conditions.

Technical specifications

General output, hectares/hour up to


Coverage, m

2,7 (6 rows )

Inter-row spacing, cm


Operating personnel 2 Loss of roots, %

up to 1,5

Loss of haulm, %

up to 5

Designed weight of the complex, kg, max  
- harvester


- pick-up


Use of the beet harvesting complex by farms already having multi-functional power vehicle UES-250 or UES-2-250 allows to harvest sugar beet without attracting other power vehicles and provides additional economic effect due to increased annual operation period of the power vehicle.